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With an undying passion for the Arts and fascination with advancing technologies, this self-proclaimed "Grammar Geek" spends countless hours ( and offline!) constantly experimenting and exploring for new ways to expound upon the institution of poetry, and the art of story-telling.

As her career and passions have gravitated over the years...from pen-and-paper to mouse-and-keyboard...from stage-and-studio to servers-and-software...Paco-Michelle has been actively supportive of organizations and events that are committed to Innovation in The Arts, Alternative Healing methods and practices for Self-Empowerment, and the continued development of promising talent of all ages, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds. 

Specializing in CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT and TECHNICAL QUALITY, Paco-Michelle has worked with world-class organizations top in their respective industries, and with small businesses and independent artists at a grass-roots level.


Either processing and managing controlled data and images, or coming up with clever ways to communicate with them, Ms. Atwood has established a solid history of precision workmanship and signature style.  


~ Visual Data Processing & Quality Control

~ Content Auditing, Editing & Optimization

~ Technical Writing, Proofing & Specialized-Project Management

~ Controlled Documentation & Data Management



~ Copywriting and Editing for Social Media Platforms and Marketing efforts

~ XR Content Production, Creative Development, and Quality Review

~ Graphic Imagery, Machinimatography for Independent Authors & ePublications

~ Voice Work, Script-writing, and Theme Development for Video & Audio Content


& Technical Work



& Creative Works



& Collaborative Works

(...and WHO is Witch Hazel Widow?!)

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