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Technical Processes, Marketing Copy, Voice-Over Script & Supporting Visual Content

Blog Post:  WCMS versus Portals:  Evaluating your relationship with CMS
(1-pg .pdf file) Content submitted for a blog response, written on behalf of an open source software company responding to a very specific audience (enterprise IT decision makers or project leads).  The writing challenge was to address the questions, "When should I use a WCM system versus a portal? When should I use both?"  Also needed to meet the following requirements:
● Tone: casual and engaging, yet focused and informative on the questions posed.
● Blog length: 300-­500 words
● Have a title that will draw web traffic/engagement and comply with SEO best practices
● 2­-3 graphic/illustration suggestions or a description for GFX designers. [Suggested graphics included here.]
This is a tricky topic because it has become quite common for people to use the terms interchangeably. Although there are distinct differences between the two, web content management systems and portal technologies have evolved to a point where a lot of the functionalities overlap, and certain features can be bundled into customized packages or new upgrades. So, as an organization's needs and goals change over time, it is very easy for the decision-making process to get a bit complicated. The key is to be clear on what is needed for the unique circumstances and nature of the business, and how the content is to be used and engaged by the intended end-users, both, internal and external. 
Marketing Copy:  Book Synopsis & Voice-Over Script 
(3-pg .docx file)  The book synopsis is a detailed description of an independently published book, written specifically for the author's Video Marketing and Social Media campaigns facilitated by the publisher. The V/O script copy is the final version of a draft proposed by the Production team, written and revised by Paco-Michelle Atwood for storyline/theme consistency, content keywords (highlighted in blue font) and a more poetic tone, in better alignment with book content, themes and product re-purposing strategies.
Book Cover Content:  Design & Book Description
(1-pg .pdf file)  The final proof sibmitted for author review and approval. Includes front and back cover design, galley configuration, and written content. Actual finished product can be seen here:  Amazon Authors
NOTE:  All supporting visual content, including flowcharts, tables, graphic mash-ups, and original Machinimatography, created by Paco-Michelle Atwood. All rights reserved.
SOP: Processing Controlled Document Requests

(11-pg .docx file) A standard operating procedure developed, implemented, and managed by Paco-Michelle Atwood for Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Prior to the passing of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011, the Quality department had no database or systematic means for managing controlled documentation and confidential proprietary data. In order to ensure compliance to new industry standards and achieve improved regulatory inspection/audit scores, a full library of Standard Operating Procedures and Finished Product Specifications had to be created, along with a document management system (DMS) for processing and managing this new inventory of controlled documents. This SOP includes flowchart & trouble-shooting graphics, highlighted separately here.
SOP: In-Transit Inventory Control Process
(4-pg .pdf file) A standard operating procedure researched and written by Paco-Michelle Atwood, supporting the Purchasing & Inventory Planning division for Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., subsequent to brand acquisition by Del Monte. This SOP includes graphics.
FPS (Retired):  Trademark Formula Specifications
(3-pg .pdf file) A Finished Product Specification created by Paco-Michelle Atwood, to support the Marketing and Food Quality & Safety teams for Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., subsidiary of Del Monte Pet division. This FPS includes graphics.
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